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Chris Potter and Company are Bad, Bad, Bad Men

Hey everybody, so I am compelled to listen to at least one or two cuts from Follow the Red Line – Live at the Village Vanguard by the Chris Potter Underground every week.  It’s so tight and funky.  The chemistry among Potter and the group (Craig Taborn on Rhodes, Adam Rogers on guitar, Nate Smith on drums) is unbelievable.  Even though what the Underground is doing isn’t too radically different from some fusion things in the past – it sounds fresh, current and original.   You can hear the group’s influences, but you can also hear how no other group is doing what they are doing as well as they are doing it.  It’s funky and in the pocket, but it’s extremely complex and natural at the same time (the first track from Follow the Red Line comes to mind, especially how the two 4/4 bars are organized into 9 and 7 – genius).

Here’s a few tasty nuggets from the group I just dug up from youtube.  Enjoy.

This one doesn’t have Taborn – not sure who the bassist is:

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