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Playlist for The Turnaround, August 28

Well, after an eleven plus year absence from college radio, I’m back.  This year I’m happy to be co-hosting a jazz show with my man Lucas Homer on KU’s student station, KJHK 90.7.  We call the show, The Turnaround, and it features a diverse mix of contemporary jazz (sometimes leaning towards the bit obscure or “out” side of things), classic gems, and the occasional nod to the deep Kansas City tradition.  For those of you outside of Lawrence, Kansas, you can hear the show streaming online (kjhk.org) every Wednesday night from 8-10pm central time.

After each show I plan to post our playlist, so you can see what we played.  Below is what we played last night, so if what we played looks good to you, join us each and every Wednesday night from 8-10.

Avishai Cohen (trumpet), “After the Big Rain”

Avishai Cohen (bass), “One for Mark”

Miguel Zenon and the Rhythm Collective, “Double Edge,” from Oye! Live in Puerto Rico

Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian, “Eighty-One”

Esa Helasvuo, “Stella Nova,” from Stella Nova

Wayne Shorter Quartet, “Orbits,” from Without a Net

Miles Davis, “Filles de Kilamanjaro,” from Filles de Kilamanjaro

Kenny Werner, “Inaugural Balls”

Wadada Leo Smith, “Martin Luther King, Jr.: Memphis, the Prophecy,” from Ten Freedom Summers

Kneebody, “Never Remember”

Steve Lehman, “Moment’s Notice,” from Dialect Flourescent

The Cookers, “Believe, for it is True,” from Believe

Don Cherry, “There is the Bomb,” from Where is Brooklyn?


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