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Fresh Produce: the latest arrivals to the O:I:O music desk

ProduceLate summer and early fall must be a pretty popular time to put out an album, because in the last couple of weeks I’ve been buried in new review copies; it’s a nice problem to have.  While I have had almost no time to review new albums recently due to moving to a new house and moving my office, there’s a whole bunch of new records just waiting for me to dive into, and hopefully I can get to reviewing some of them.  If you care, here, in no particular order, is what I’ve got begging me to check out that have showed up just in the last 2-3 weeks.

-Charles Evans, Subliminal Leaps
-Kaze, Tornado (one of the several new releases featuring Satoko Fujii)
-Vijay Iyer/Mike Ladd, Holding it Down: the Veterans’ Dreams Project
-Bryn Roberts, Fables
-Gavin Templeton, In Series
-Waclaw Zimpel Quartet, Stone Fog
-Ivo Perelman, One
-Jason Miles, Sly Reimagined
-Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Red Hot
-Stefano Bollani/Hamilton de Holanda, O Que Sera
-Kayhan Kalhor/Erdal Erzincan, Kula Kulluk Yakisir
-Manuel Valera, Expectativas
-Linda Oh, Sun Picture
-Matt Mitchell, Fiction
-Mike McGinnis + 9, Road Trip
-Natsuki Tamura, Dragon Nat
-Lage Lund/Will Vinson/Orlando le Fleming, OWL Trio (I’m reviewing this one for Downbeat, stay tuned)
-Jerry Bergonzi, By Any Other Name (I’m also reviewing this one for Downbeat)
-John Escreet, Sabotage and Celebration
-Patrick Cornelius, Infinite Blue
-Marnix Busstra, Sync Dreams
-Imer Santiago, Hidden Journey
-Will Bernard, Just Like Downtown
-Mike McGinnis, Angsudden Song Cycle
-Nick Hempton, Odd Man Out
-Iro Haarla Sextet, Kolibri
-Satoko Fujii, Gen Himmel
-Mark Masters Ensemble, Everything You Did: The Music of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen
-Mark Dresser, Nourishments
-Dawn of Midi, Dysnomia
-Erik Friedlander, Claws and Wings
-Harris Eisenstadt, Golden State
-Cacaw, Stellar Power

And then here are some things I’ve had for a couple months which I’ve only had a taste of but really want to dig into some more:
-Ches Smith, Hammered
-Christian Wallumrod, Outstairs
-Steve Swallow Quintet, Into the Woodwork
-Gary Peacock/Marilyn Crispell, Azure
-Slobber Pub, Black Aces
-David Ake, Bridges
-Esa Helasvuo, Stella Nova
-Satoko Fujii New Trio, Spring Storm
-Satoko Fujii Ma-Do, Time Stands Still
-Lucian Ban/Mat Maneri, Transylvanian Concert
-Wadada Leo Smith, Occupy the World

Damn, what a list.  I’m sure I’m missing some things, and there are a few albums I got in the spring which I would love to scratch out some time to write about.  Among others, this would include Dylan Ryan’s Sky Bleached, Sean Nowell’s Kung Fu Masters, the newest one from Gilad Hekselman, Colin Stetson’s New History Warfare, vol. 3, Diego Barber/Hugo Cipres 411, and a few others.  Needless to say, there’s no way I’m going to be able to write about all the great new music that’s coming out – but I can try.  Or at the very least I can give some shout outs via my various critics poll ballots/end of the year top 10 lists, etc.

ok, until next time…..I’m gonna go get my listen on, you do the same

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  1. matthewmerewitz Avatar

    Thanks for this cray cray list. It’s good to know the competition.

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