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Mary Halvorson’s New Record

Hey everybody, just a quick shout out to let you know I just downloaded the new record from guitarist Mary Halvorson from Amazon for $5.34.  It’s called Electric Fruit and it features Peter Evans on trumpet and Weasel Walter on drums and percussion.  It’s more than worth the super cheap price (although I always prefer to own the actual album with the art and notes and all that, but sometimes price dictates what form I buy the record in). It’s awesome, crunchy, out there contemporary free jazz at it’s finest, and all three musicians are highly adept at listening to each other and adapting their ideas and direction at will.  They always seem to finish each others’ sentences (terrible cliche I know).  I’m giving Electric Fruit my first listen-to now, and I’m struck by how well Evans’ trumpet timbre and ideas match Halvorson’s.  And Walter gives a similar vibe on drums to folks like Paul Motian and Han Bennink: more emphasis on color and texture than on time and meter.   As my mom would say: “it’s train wreck music”; thus, it’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s a must have for all Halvorson fans (people who dislike her playing and say she has no technique will certainly hate this record), and like I keep saying: Halvorson rocks harder than Metallica ever did (anybody else feel like Metallica was super-fake, all fluff and no chicken, a simulacrum of hard rock, if you will?).  Electric Fruit is good stuff.

One response to “Mary Halvorson’s New Record”

  1. Thanks for the tip. Lovers of noise should also track down Rhys Chatham’s forthcoming album “Outdoor Spell.” It’s beautifully unbearable!

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