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Out of Print Mosaic Box Sets: Worth the Bread, or Just a Status Symbol?

I just got my weekly email from the Jazz Loft, a great store out of Seattle.  Anyway, turns out they’ve scored a few out of print Mosaic box sets. (Check the list on their ebay store page).  While there’s a few I’d like to get my hands on, such as the Johnny Hodges and Gerry Mulligan box sets, there’s no way I’m paying 100 bones for a three disc set, or 200 for 6 discs.  $33/disc?  No thanks. (I’ve seen the Paul Desmond/Jim Hall box go on ebay for well over $300, which is ridiculous.)  The Mosaic sets are pretty nice, and if you’ve got the disposable income you might as well grab a couple.  But for what these out of print boxes are going for I have to think these are more status symbols than anything else.  The only way I’ll probably get one is if I end up high enough up on Downbeat‘s CD reviewer totem pole to get an advance copy to review.  Yeah, never gonna happen.

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