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Day 4’s Tunes

Here goes the listening list for Wed the 24th:

Mogwai, EP + 2, in the car, half hour (some fun, slow moving, instrumental rock from a bunch of Scots)

Dirty Drummer, Dirty’s Dub Sack, half hour (got this free from Wax Poetics’ free mp3 download page)

Craig Taborn set from NPR, hour

Bruce Springsteen, Ghost of Tom Joad, in the car, half hour (brilliant story telling here)

Raphael Saadiq, Instant Vintage, half hour (this is genius, everybody needs this one, turns out it’s also good music to pack to)

Francois Couturier, Un jour si blanc, hour, (this is a new beautiful solo piano set from ECM, I’ll be reviewing this one here soon)

The day’s total: 4 hours

Week to date’s total: 17 hours (which means I’m only 3 from having similar listening habits to the “avg American.”  Of course I’ll surpass 20 hours for sure, although I don’t think I’ll be going beyond the 42 hours I predicted at the beginning of the week, but we’ll see.)

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