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Spotify Playlist: Favorite Jazz & Adjacent 2022

Ok, so there’s way too much music for me to write about, let alone keep track of. I swear I get about 10 emails/day with downloads for some new album. Since my writing is pretty limited in 2022, I wanted to find a way to keep track of the albums that I’ve really enjoyed so far this year. Thus: I’m smashing that like button with a Spotify playlist. Yeah, I know, along with Amazon, Spotify is one of the evil empires, but what are you going to do when some labels and publicists say “no download needed, here’s the Spotify link.” And naturally, not every album I’ve heard that turns me on this year is on Spotify. But, if you’re on Spotify, peep this playlist, which I am updating during the year. So come back occasionally to see what’s new.

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