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Here it Goes! My Jazz LPs from A to Z, brought to you by Covid19 social distancing

Like a whole lot of folks, I’ve been rocking the social distancing to keep from getting Covid19 Today is Day 14 of my self-imposed stay at home/social distancing. In the past two weeks I’ve left the house once (except for dog walks) and talked to four people in person who were not my wife. This means I’ve been working from home, and will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. It also means I’m listening to a lot more records than normal. I’ve always wanted to listen to my jazz albums from A to Z, but never have. Well, today feels as good as any, so I started.

As a way to stay sane I’ve decided to document what I’m listening to here and on Twitter, where I’m  @crmusicwriter I’ll be tweeting in real time, and  I’ll try to put up a short daily blog post with all of them. So, here’s day one:

First up: Timeless, from John Abercrombie with Jan Hammer and Jack DeJohnette. The first track shreds.


Up next: John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner’s Sargasso Sea. Soft, dreamy, spacey, moody, good atmospheric stuff. This combined with a slow Demerol drip will wipe away the pain.


And finally: Joshua Abrams, Represencing. “Jazz” might be a stretch for some, but that’s where I keep it.


That’s it for day #1 – tomorrow seems to be heavy on the Muhal Richard Abrams and possibly getting into Cannonball.

One response to “Here it Goes! My Jazz LPs from A to Z, brought to you by Covid19 social distancing”

  1. I just discovered you as I was drawn to the Love Supreme essay. I’m 74 years old. I saw Trane several times, including a performance with Archie Shepp in Chicago at The Downbeat festival. That was intense! I’m a drummer-turned-pianist, writer, all that stuff. Consider me a fan. I mean, of your writing. Jazz formed my persona, beginning at age 12.

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