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Pharoah Sanders’ Black Unity for Less than a Buck!

pharoah black unitySo after getting a few things for the S.O.’s birthday last week on Amazon I got sent a free $1 mp3 credit. When I get one I scour Amazon for digital albums that, because they only have one long track, are 99 cents. Not every album with one track is 99 cents, but many are. I’ve found a great Cecil Taylor album that way, and some other great things. This time I found Pharoah Sanders’ album Black Unity, which is a single, 37 minute long cut. Get it here.

Recorded in 1971, it features:
Pharoah Sanders – soprano and tenor saxophone, balafon
Carlos Garnett – tenor saxophone, flute
Marvin Peterson – trumpet, percussion
Joe Bonner – piano
Stanley Clarke, Cecil McBee – bass
Norman Connors, Billy Hart – drums
Lawrence Killian – congas, talking drum, balafon

As the personnel would suggest, it’s a rhythm heavy album that grooves like crazy. Combine that with impassioned and fiery blowing from the horn players and you’ve got the best 99 cents you will certainly spend this week.

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