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Mega-update to my favorites of 2014 list

So I went and did some work on my favorite releases of 2014 page, check it out here. It comes with my rational for my new approach to listing my favorite albums by year, and some thoughts on a few of the albums. And check back to the page periodically, as I’ll be expanding the list and adding more thoughts about individual albums.

One response to “Mega-update to my favorites of 2014 list”

  1. matthewmerewitz Avatar

    Thanks Chris for all the love!

    Matt Merewitz FULLY ALTERED MEDIA 204A 33rd St 2nd Fl Brooklyn, NY 11232

    (office) 347-384-2839 (mobile) 215-629-6155 matt@fullyaltered.com Skype: drjazzphd Google Talk: fullyaltered http://www.fullyaltered.com/fa/ http://www.twitter.com/fullyaltered


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