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What’s with the all the confusion about the new Radiohead record?

Ah hah, now that I’m recovered from the end of the school year it’s time to get back to fun writing.  So…I thought I’d get back into the groove with a couple thoughts about the new Radiohead record – The King of Limbs
.  I’ve noticed on my Facebook feed (yeah, scientific I know) and in some other random places online that there are a whole lot of people who are finally starting to get into King of Limbs after a whole bunch of listens, or who can’t get with the album at all, or are just kind of confused about it.

To which I say: “What?  It sounds like a pretty damn good Radiohead record to me.  I don’t understand why people are taking so long to get with it.”

I had no trouble liking it, and to me it seems like a pretty logical extension of Radiohead from In Rainbows (which might be one of my favorite records by the band).  The only thing I can think is that it sounds a bit too electronic than a band should sound.  Maybe?  I guess if you’re favorite Radiohead is “Fake Plastic Trees” King of Limbs won’t do it for you – but for me I like to see any band keep evolving.  Time to go put King of Limbs back on the felt.

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