Erratum for Darrell Katz Review

Turns out I didn’t quite have all my facts straight on the Darrell Katz review I posted earlier today regarding who wrote the lyrics.  Mr. Katz was kind enough to comment on my post and correct my mistake.  Below is his comment, which I took from the comments section of the post.  (Oh, and for some reason in my review I neglected to mention the instrumental work “Red Blue,” which features the saxophone section in a frantic simultaneous solo section, as well as the album’s closing track, “The Red Blues,” which is performed by the Jazz Composers Alliance Saxophone Quartet. )


Thank you for the very kind review.
However, I must tell you that I didn’t write the lyrics. There were, of course, versions of Duke Ellington’s and Willie Dixon’s tunes, but they lyrics for the original music were all settings of the poetry of Paula Tatarunis. I did write the list of spoken aunties, but everything else was by her.

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