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Your Friday Bargain: Jon Irabagon and Mike Pride for 99 cents

So the other day I was killing time on Amazon and discovered that the 2009 tenor/drums set from Jon Irabagon and Mike Pride – I Don’t Hear Nothin’ but the Blues (Feat. Mike Pride)
is available to download for 99 cents, even though it’s 47 minutes long.  I guess since it’s only one track that means it costs the same as any other “song” that’s just one track.  So by all means, goand get the album for 99 cents.  Or if you’re lucky like me you had a 99 cents Amazon download promotional credit – so I got it for free.  Even if you don’t know anything about Jon Irabagon, or Mike Pride, (they both bring some pretty heavy rocking swagger on this sucker), or this album, go and download this out of sheer principle.  And even if you don’t like it, eh, only 99 cents.  Bet you’ve spent a lot more than that on something you wish you hadn’t.

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