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Dan Gailey’s What Did You Dream

Ok, so I’m not going to review the Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra’s new album What Did You Dream?  Not because it’s not good (it’s great), but because any attempt at objectiveness on my part would be deep-sixed by the fact that I know a bunch of guys on the record and as such I’d be giving you a pretty biased opinion.  I’ve hung out with them, eaten and drank with them, performed with a couple of them, played under Gailey’s direction, and powered through several rounds of “good player/bad player” with them.  That being said, check out Harvey Siders’ review of Gailey’s record for JazzTimes here.  I think Siders gives the reader a pretty good idea of what Gailey’s band and writing is about.  So read the review, buy the record, tell your friends.

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