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Day 2 Listening

Okey dokey, here’s what I listened to on Monday the 21st:

Gary Bartz: There Goes the Neighborhood, half hour in the car (really burning live set from 1990 I think in NYC, maybe Birdland.  Bartz sounds like Trane, but on alto, killing)

Murder City Devils: RIP, hour (this one makes me do some seriously radical air guitaring like nothing else)

Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra, What did you Dream?, hour (get ready to see a bunch of positive reviews for this disc when it comes out)

Ohio Players, Contradiction, half hour (funky, funky, funky)

Saddle Creek 2008-2009 sampler, half hour (eh, a few good songs, half the sampler got deleted off my computer)

An indie rock playlist I made from various free indie samplers from Amazon, hour and a half (among the highlights is “the Crash Years” from the new New Pornographers record and “I Hope you Die” by Wye Oak)

5 or 6 various records to see if I wanted to keep them in my huge pre-move-across-town recording purge. Half hour.  Among those that didn’t make the cut: Poco, Cantamos; Little Feat, Live; Woody Herman and Harry James, Battle of the Bands; Lionel Hampton, Flying Home.

Day 2 total: 5 hours, 30 minutes

Week total: 9 hours, 15 minutes

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