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Free Steve Coleman Downloads: Time to Fill in some Knowledge Gaps

Ok, real quick because I need to get on my grading horse and ride it all day…..

I’ll admit it, I don’t know much about Steve Coleman, but this weekend my man DJ Malomar informed me that a whole lot of Coleman’s albums are available for free download on his website.  So guess what I’m going to be doing while attempting to write later on this evening – yep, downloading Steve Coleman so that I can bone up on his music, aesthetics and philosophies.  Looks like there are about 15 or so complete albums available and portions of other albums as well.  He has a brief essay on why he thinks music and ideas should be free, which is pretty insightful, as his his website in general (check out the essays page and theories of the M-Base).  Just go to his home page and hit the downloads tab on the right side.  Happy digging.

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